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Touring Kayaks

For One Person

  • For a more experienced paddler as it is more prone to tipping than our single kayaks

  • Used for expeditions as its good for dry storing your gear.

  • Kayakers wishing to paddle alone
    (1 person solo on the water) must have a
    Paddle Canada Lv1 Skill Certification


  • 2 or more adults may paddle together with touring kayaks without restriction or certification assuming they stay together at all times on the water.

  • *Children under the age of 16 MUST be in a double kayak with an adult (19+). Please note that children 4 and under are required to have 2 adults present on the water with them at all times.


  • Tsunami '165' - Wilderness Systems

  • Cape Horn '150' - Wilderness Systems

  • Tsunami '125' - Wilderness Systems

  • '130R' - Necky Manitou

**We also have a Double Touring Kayak

(Necky Manitou ll) you can book it under our Double Kayaks page.**

What It Includes

- Life Jacket
- Paddle
- Safety Lesson & Equipment

Image by Olena Sergienko

Want This Kayak?

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